About Luke

Born and raised in the UK, my story in photography and video starts there 12 years ago. An interest in product design led me to college where I was exposed to photography and an incredibly inspirational tutor, I was hooked.

After completing my degree in Photography I went out into the world of assisting and was lucky enough to learn with some of the best photographers in London. Following the natural progression, I moved to becoming a digital technician and qualified as a Phase One Certified Professional before working for a well respected photographic rental house and production agency. It was here that I produced stills and video shoots for the likes of Nike, Porsche and Burberry.

My thirst for knowledge then saw me move sideways across into the wider advertising space. Now, after nearly 8 years working both agency and client-side and a move half-way across the world, I’m back where it all started… Telling stories through lenses.